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Double Your Home’s Living Area Without Adding a Single SQFT!!

Is it possible to double your home’s living area without adding a single square foot?

Arrol Gellner from Architext says “Yes, and it’s no joke”!!

Arrol wrote a fantastic two-part blog that I wanted to share with you here:

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Top 8 Short Sale Killers!!

There are hundreds of potential things that can go wrong in a regular real estate transaction, but all of those aside, what is it that makes short sales so difficult?

Here are the TOP 8 problems that could derail your short sale transaction:


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Rent to Own Homes – Good Opportunity or Bad Idea?

lease to own, rent to own homes or real estateWhen it comes to  “Rent-To-Own” or “Lease-to-Own” homes:


You’re about to learn why this could be one of the worst mistakes a buyer  could possibly make.

Are there any positives?  Sure there are, and we’ll discuss those as well.

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What Happens During Escrow?

For that matter, what is Escrow?

How does it work?

Why do we need it and pay for it?

Today we reveal the mysteries of the escrow process and talk about the buying timeline!!

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2011 Economic Forecast

What the future might bring.I was able to attend the “2011 Comerica Bank Economic Forecast Conference“, to try to get a glimpse into the future and see what’s in store for homes in the bay area as well the US economy as a whole.

Panelists were invited to discuss their own views on the US economy and make their predictions, but both had surprisingly similar expectations for what’s to come in 2011.  Here’s the short version of the 4 hour conference:

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