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Tired of Being Outbid??

If you’ve submitted more than 3 offers in the same locale and have been outbid each time…


Why are you wasting your energy, time, and emotions?

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Has The Real Estate Market Gone Crazy???

If you’re a buyer, it is OUT of CONTROL!!!

Looking for a home?

Having a hard time??

You are not alone! –  Here’s what’s going on with the local real estate market…

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Double Your Home’s Living Area Without Adding a Single SQFT!!

Is it possible to double your home’s living area without adding a single square foot?

Arrol Gellner from Architext says “Yes, and it’s no joke”!!

Arrol wrote a fantastic two-part blog that I wanted to share with you here:

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FORECLOSURES – Possibly The WORST Deal In Today’s Market!

That’s heresy!

How dare I make such an outlandish claim!

This is my local expert, contrarian, point of view.

This article is for all of you foreclosure-chasers in the bay area:

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Top 8 Short Sale Killers!!

There are hundreds of potential things that can go wrong in a regular real estate transaction, but all of those aside, what is it that makes short sales so difficult?

Here are the TOP 8 problems that could derail your short sale transaction:


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Looking For a FREE List of Foreclosures? – Why does EVERY list have different numbers??

If you’re looking for a list of foreclosed homes in your area, you’ll see dozens and dozens of websites that all advertise lists of homes … but why do all of them have different information???

What’s in these FREE LISTS?

Rent to Own Homes – Good Opportunity or Bad Idea?

lease to own, rent to own homes or real estateWhen it comes to  “Rent-To-Own” or “Lease-to-Own” homes:


You’re about to learn why this could be one of the worst mistakes a buyer  could possibly make.

Are there any positives?  Sure there are, and we’ll discuss those as well.

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