Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for??

If you consider yourself a picky buyer, the best way to start your home search is to go line by line down the possible search criteria and pick the minimum requirements for your new home.

What I’m going to ask you below is a list of your “must haves”, not “want to haves” … I would imagine that if you gave me a list of your “want to haves” I can find you a lovely $2mm home 😀


So please, be honest with yourselves and and chose the bare minimum requirements for each one – that means for every point, ask yourselves “what if it was a little less, would that still be OK?”  If the answer is yes than write down the bare minimum.
Lets start with all of the basics:  (if you don’t care about a particular item, just skip it )
  • What type of home? (Single Family, Townhouse, condo, duplex:
  • What city(s)? (or area(s)do you want to live in?):
  • #of bedrooms:
  • #of bathrooms:
  • Sqft:
  • Lot Size:
  • Age of the home:
  • #of Stories:
  • Garage(size, detached?):
  • Price Range:
More Specific:
  • If your goal is to be next to good schools, what is your definition of a good school (in terms of API scores)?
  • Any specific elementary schools, high schools, or school districts that you’re looking to be next to?
  • Are you looking for a remodeled home or would you do your own remodel?
  • How far from the freeway or expressway do you have to be? 
  • How do you feel about being close to a more industrial area?
  • How do you feel about train tracks?
  • Is there a specific home style that you want, or want to avoid?


Intangible things that you can’t screen for over Internet search, but will have to see for yourself (or have your Realtor check out if they’re screening homes for you):

  • Any specific layout preference for the home, overall, or for specific rooms such as kitchen?
  • Would you rather have a larger living room and smaller bedrooms, or vice versa?
  • Is there a specific direction that you want any specific windows looking at (ie… bedroom windows to the north for less light in the morning)?
  • Do you prefer a lot of light, average, or low light?
  • Any other specifics that you are aware of that aren’t included here?


The good thing about making a comprehensive list like this, is you will know right away if the your minimum requirements are out of your financial reach, and you can decide what to do accordingly.  Some people realize that some things that they considered important, really aren’t, while others decide to wait until they can afford exactly what they need.

If you are working with an agent to help you buy a home in the Bay Area, do they know the answers to all of these questions??

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